Topic: Quotation date and Quotation No.

Today 2/1/2018 Trying to input a sales quote entry as a role user of  Salesman the default screen shows quote date 31/12/2017 (in red) and the quotation Ref as xxx/2017. Yet if I sign on as admin the quote date is of today and the ref is of xxx/2018. Is this is a setup issue or there is something different between an Admin and a Salesman profile? I looked around and could not find where in the setup this would be tuned.

Appreciate your help

Re: Quotation date and Quotation No.

problem may be fiscal year, please create new fiscal year for 2018 then update in company setup


Re: Quotation date and Quotation No.

Yes You are right.. I actually created the fiscal year of 2018 and closed 2017..Yet did I not click the update on the company setup. Clicking update solved the issue.. Thanks