Topic: Old Sales Quote Reference Fix

When viewing an old / existing quote, the Reference Number must be taken from the table record and not the next one.

1. In file sales/view/view_sales_order.php line 42:

$_SESSION['View'] = new Cart($_GET['trans_type'], $_GET['trans_no'], true);

should be replaced with

$_SESSION['View'] = new Cart($_GET['trans_type'], $_GET['trans_no']);

as the last parameter in the Cart class (defined in sales/includes/ constructor is for determining if a new Reference is to be taken or an existing one is to be used. This is how it is in FA 2.3.26 where the last parameter if false is omitted as that is the default for the constructor..

2. The leading semicolon (;) on line 96 can be removed as well in the same file.

3. The line 24 in the Cart class file sales/includes/

class cart

can be corrected to

class Cart

as it is used that way in all the scripts and in the extensions.

@joe: can commit this. - Committed

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Re: Old Sales Quote Reference Fix

Thanks apmuthu. Will fix this.