Topic: what happens if a company changes the chart of accounts?


I'm starting to use frontaccounting and something came to my mind: if I change my chart of accounts after one or two fiscal years closed, what happens with those  previous closed balances and fiscal years?

Will they change or the changes are only for the open/new fiscal year or balances? I might be needing to delete an account...

Why I'm asking? I want to start loading frontaccounting with my last fiscal year, but by the way I want to make some changes on my accounts...

Thank you!!


Re: what happens if a company changes the chart of accounts?

You cannot delete an account as long as there are transactions on it.
In the next release of FA, you can mark the account as inactive, and this way you will never see this account when the select box shows the accounts.
If the account opening balance is zero and there are no period transactions it will never show up on reports (balance sheetand PL statements).


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Re: what happens if a company changes the chart of accounts?

Thank you for your fast response Joe.

This is a great software and you are doing an incredible job.

Just in purusuit of perfection I want to leave you one suggestion about the chart of accounts that might help.

In the select box the accounts are grouped by the name of the group only, I think it would be useful if it shows also the upper subgroups and the class.

Not seeing the subgroups nor the class is a problem when you have accounts with the same name, grouped separately becose you can´t difference them, and when you have groups with the same name in different classes in the select box they appear like one only with all the accounts together although they are different groups.

In the GL Account Groups CRUD would be great also if you show the id of the subgroup (and the hierachy) in the select box, becose they might be (they are in my case) groups with the same name.

It would be great also showing all the levels on the chart of accounts report.

Thank you again.