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Topic: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

$300   =   Amount contributed to FrontAccounting (to-date) on behalf of CartSpan users


CartSpan is an easy-to-use bi-directional interface for FrontAccounting that will import orders from approximately 20+ shopping carts and update item prices and quantity-available in the cart. This frees you from burden of re-keying order information into the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers.

eCommerce platforms currently supported by CartSpan include: 

AceShop, AmeriCommerce, CS-Cart, CartGenie, EcommerceTemplates, Fortune3, Magento, nopCommerce, OpenCart, osCommerce,  PrestaShop, ProductCart, Ubercart, VP-ASP, Cart, WP e-Commerce,Volusion, WooCommerce, X-Cart, ZenCart,  and Znode

Order Import – Key Points of Integration

Import as Order or Invoice - CartSpan supports import as either an Invoice or an Order. The Cart order number flows directly to the order or invoice number in FrontAccounting. To ensure that the order series does not conflict with the legacy order number series, CartSpan supports the (optional) application of an alphanumeric modifier.

Customer ID Handling - With Customer ID management arguably the most problematic aspect of integration, CartSpan offers multiple options for creating the new Customer ID in accounting. When the new customer master is created, you may:

1) Use the Cart assigned Customer ID.
2) Craft the ID from available Bill-To or Ship-To details using a configurable rule.
3) Manually cross-reference the Cart ID to legacy Customer ID that will be memorized.

Cash Receipts - If you are importing as an Invoice, you can optionally import a cash receipt, essentially closing out the receivables transaction. The cash receipt is triggered by configurable order status codes. The cash account to which the receipt is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

PayPal/Bank Transaction Fees - For any payment method that applies a consistent transaction fee, CartSpan can calculate this value and apply it to the payment as a discount. This is accomplished via a configurable formula for each payment method affected. This adjustment is typically applied manually during the reconciliation process; long after the order has been imported. CartSpan saves you significant amounts of time by removing this task entirely.

Customer Prepayments - If you are importing a web order (paid by credit card) into accounting as an order, CartSpan can properly apply a credit on the order itself and also create a transaction that debits cash. The cash account to which the payment is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

Tax Handling - CartSpan will detect and allocate taxes collected during shopping cart checkout, to the appropriate tax-codes associated with each item. In the event that the 'allocation' process is not perfect, sometimes resulting in the odd residual penny differential, CartSpan will import an additional adjusting line item to ensure the transaction remains in balance.

Shipping Tax Handling -  (Magento Users Only) - If you are required to present tax on shipping services separately on the invoice (not currently supported by FA), CartSpan can help. When detected, CartSpan will import the shipping tax as a non-taxable service-type line-item.  You can then track this tax liability via the underlying GL account code associated with the item.

Many-to-One Item Mapping - CartSpan is the only integration that allows you to create one (or more) 'phantom' items in the shopping cart that can be mapped to a single SKU in the accounting system. Moreover, these cart-level phantom items can represent multiple quantities and pack-based pricing for the item mapped in the accounting system. CartSpan manages all price/quantity conversions during the import/export process.

Kitted Item Support - CartSpan leverages the 'Kitted' item functionality in FrontAccounting to extend the capabilities of Cart.  Kitted products allow you to represent multiple ‘child’ items in the cart via a single SKU. CartSpan will then breakout the associated child items during the import and properly allocate any discounted offering price. This functionality offered within the integration itself requires no additional add-ons for Cart.

Auto Creation of Items - If your business process is such that you choose not to create items in your accounting system until they are sold on the Website, CartSpan can be configured to auto-create the item at the time of order import. The new item is created using the description and the price of the ordered item.

Discounts and Coupon Handling – Discounts applied in the cart are allocated to individual line items in FrontAccounting.  In instances where the percentage exceeds 2 decimal places of precision, CartSpan will utilize a service-based adjusting line item to account for any nominal difference in the allocation.

Automation - CartSpan can run manually or be configured to import new orders at a pre-determined user-defined frequency.

Email Alerts (administrative and operational) - CartSpan can be configured to send email alerts to a system administrator when there are exceptions encountered during the integration. For instance, CartSpan can send notification for when new items are created in accounting.

Pick-List Generation - If your organization deals with external fulfillment services, you can configure CartSpan to send a comprehensive pick-list to one (or more) email addresses. Or, you could simply choose to send the email to an internal resource. The CartSpan generated pick-list has full shipping information as well as any customer comments relating to fulfillment. If you arrange your warehouse by 'Item Name', CartSpan imports line items in sorted order to facilitate the picking/packing process.

Item Price/Quantity Update – Key Points of Integration

Stock Quantity Update – Near real-time updates of stock quantity-available in response to receiving, invoicing, and adjustment activity in the accounting system. This is important to note that quantity 'available' refers to the amount you have available to sell after accounting for open sales orders in the accounting system.

Minimum Stock Configuration - If you are oversold in the accounting system, CartSpan allows you to artificially indicate a minimum quantity available in the cart.

Item Price Updates: Standard Pricing - CartSpan allows you to maintain ‘standard’ pricing in the accounting system; no need to remember updates between two systems.

Price Markup or Markdown Tools - If you elect to offer more competitive pricing on your website, relative to your ‘bricks and mortar’ operation, CartSpan allows you to configure global or item-specific markdown (or markup) percentages.

Price Rounding - We all know that multiplying existing prices by a given percentage often results in an odd looking value. CartSpan employs rounding rules to bring your price to the nearest ‘0.05’ or ‘0.09’ value; giving you pricing consistency across your site.

Multi-Pack Support - Option to sell individual items (configured in accounting) as a multi-pack unit in the cart and have the appropriate conversion of price and quantity applied during the import.

Support Utilities

Delete Direct Invoice -Rather than applying a credit, CartSpan offers a function for fully-removing a direct Invoice from the system based upon a unique reference number. If you are not overly concerned with audit trails and simply don’t want the clutter, this is a useful tool for those ‘ooops moments.’

Delete Unallocated Payment -Similar to removing the direct invoice, CartSpan also offers a function for fully-removing a payment that has not yet been allocated.

Merge Customer Accounts -Customer naming is, perhaps, the most problematic aspect of eCommerce integration, especially when a company has an extensive base of existing customers. In the event that a duplicate customer master is created during the import process, CartSpan allows you to merge the legacy account reference with the newer one.

Rename Existing Stock IDs -As a business evolves, it is not an uncommon practice to re-organize the naming conventions of products. CartSpan includes a renaming utility to help keep the codes in FrontAccounting harmonized with the codes utilized in the shopping cart.


CartSpan is a Windows forms application that installs on your desktop. It is distributed with three PHP scripts; two of which go into public_html of your shopping cart and one that goes into public_html where your accounting system is located. The shopping cart and FrontAccounting databases can be in the same instance or on separate servers.

If interested, please call Scott @ 513-708-1317 EST to discuss your business requirements.

Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

A link to the CartSpan Features page would have sufficed instead of a blatant ad post.

To profit from it, the forum users may now work to provide such functionality within FA.

Your contribution to the FA Team is most welcome as it hopefully will go towards retaining it free for all and yet of the very best quality that possibly money (at least not all) can affordably and sustainably buy.

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Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

Cartspan ended up being a good solution for us. We are a Canadian company doing business in CAN and US Magento for eCommerce. It was critical to have our accounting system accessible anywhere, so we installed it on the same web server where Magento is located.

Everything integrates well. The info comes into FA every 15 minutes or so. The level of detail and formatting provided in the imports is exceptional. For instance: we get payment, ship method, and total order weight information in the notes field which is very helpful.

The product is well designed and implementation was very smooth. This is due largely, we believe, to the checklist that is provided for preparation.

Overall, CartSpan offers great value for anyone looking to streamline this part of their business process and we highly recommend it.

Maarten Van Ruitenburg
MDT Corp.

Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

This post contains keywords convincing me to pursue utilization of FA for my business.

Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

Sounds promising but I cannot find any pricing or download link to Frontaccounting integration on the cartspan website. In the shop I can only find a fee for consulting. Does that mean the integration can only be implemented by purchasing consulting?

I'd prefer to see a demo first in that case so I know what I'm potentially buying.

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Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

Greetings Denise,

I have a rather structured implementation process that typically involves a short chat on the front-end to determine if the integration will meet your business requirements. Even with an exhaustive list of features, it's easy to overlook or miss a show-stopping requirement. 

If everything looks good, I have a checklist that I distribute along with supporting PHP scripts. 'Section 1' of the checklist deals with handling of the scripts. 'Section 2' deals with setting up supporting structures in FrontAccounting to be used in directing the imports.  Use of this checklist greatly facilitates a successful implementation of the product and maximizes our use of time.

Once the checklist has been completed we can schedule a time to install CartSpan on your local machine and get you running on your trial. I do this at no expense to you, other than the time you spend preparing for the installation.

You can find pricing information for CartSpan on the following page:

CartSpan Fixed-Priced Implementation and Value Proposition

It may seem odd, but I don't do demos. In just a little more than the time it takes do a demo, we can have you up-and-running on a free trial. This helps to keep cost-of-sales lower, which subsequently benefits committed customers.

I am on Eastern Standard Time in Cincinnati, OH - US. If you would like to discuss your project, I'd love to speak with you.

Scott Wheeler

Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

Last year we switched our online site over to Magento. With CartSpan in mind we also switched our accounting system over to Frontaccounting.

We recently implemented the CartSpan installation in our US office. Scott from CartSpan was extremely helpful with the installation and set up process.

I am pleased to report that this final link in the chain works very well indeed. We have gone from having to enter customer information in 2 different systems to not needing to enter any new customer or order information.

We are very happy with the product and support provided by Scott.

Re: FrontAccounting eCommerce integration by CartSpan

I dont know what happened exactly , but there is no response from cartspan guys , we try to contact them by phone and email for several weeks ...

maybe i can get some answers here ..