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Can you tell me exactly how you achieved job costing using Diemension

steps to do in order to achieve job costing using diemension
i need job start date end date job type (continuous, closed,open)
job profit / loss etc


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I was looking to the same functionality, we are doing projects and I would like to use dimensions, project or tag's how ever you may call it to trace cost/profit/progress for a project.

Example dimension 001 (project) connect to a customer

Create a order for this customer and add the dimension code 001

All purchases or cost for this project get the same dimension code 001

When we have the start date and end date we could create great reports for our projects....

I don't understand the function of dimensions as it's implemented... but maybe there is a other solution to trace projects in front-accounting. Please let me know.....

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If you put dimensions on Invoices (either by putting a dimension on a customer, or by chosing it during invoicing) you follow the sales / purchase for the dimension for this invoice. You can also put a dimension on an item, then it follows the item instead.


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Dimension Summary doesn't allow to select a period, does it ?

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No, but if this is vital I will consider. Should default period be from beginning of fiscal year?


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When running a dimension enquiry it is summarized by GL account.
It would really help to have drill down facility to see transaction detail.
This would improve the usefulness of FA for job costing.