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Tested the fix and its OK.


I use Invoice Editable as above and I find it very helpful and it works every time.. Very nice module.
I only do Direct Invoices. (ONLY).
For other types of invoices I do not think its possible to use this module..
To me its excellent as I run a services only company with no Inventory/ Delivery notes ..etc..

Void and create always works for all kinds of transactions.

You might need to look at this as well:



Regarding the Auto Increase of Document References in Setup -> Company Setup

This function is always active even if one chooses to disable it. Auto increase is always on.

I think there is a bug somewhere. (FA2.4.7)


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And this is rep108


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Tested reports and seem all OK for me at least.. here are some samples of rep107 and rep108


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Thanks for your guidance.. much appreciated. What worked for me is to comment the else statement at the end..I dont know what is it for. The rest I did not touch ..even the C in header2.inc stayed the same .. Changing it to L, R also works as expected.

if (!$this->rtl)
            if ($align == 'right')
                $align = 'R';
            elseif ($align == 'left')
                $align = 'L';
            elseif ($align == 'center')
                $align = 'C';
            elseif ($align == 'justify')
                $align = 'J';
        // else
        //    $align = 'R';

I dont know if this is a permanent  solution or it might affect other things.. I tested with different reports and looks fine to me.
Statement Report has a minor issue . I will look into it.


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Give me some time to experiment this... as we are touching tcpdf core .. which (supposedly) is very stable and is working OK for all.

I will come back to you soon.



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The Arabic file.

Please look at the footer as well..


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Thanks guys,

@boxygen I tried with the new reporting folder but no luck. Same issue.
@poncho1234 I am attaching the same report (rep107) both when English is selected and when Arabic is selected. I highlighted the difference in yellow.


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Not all the report in LTR is left aligned.  The middle part (Between the Company Name and email ..etc and the Bill of Material Details) Is what is called Auxiliary document information is centered as described  in header2.inc

     // Auxiliary document information
        $col = $this->leftMargin;
        foreach($aux_info as $info_header => $info_content)

            $this->row = $iline2 - $this->lineHeight - 1;
            $this->TextWrap($col, $this->row, $width, $info_header, 'C');
            $this->row = $iline3 - $this->lineHeight - 1;
            $this->TextWrap($col, $this->row, $width, $info_content, 'C');
            $col += $width;

The TextWrap(.....$info_header, 'C') means centered. If I change the 'C' to 'L' it goes left or 'R' it goes right.. only if the language is NOT RTL. If the language is English then it behaves according to the choice I made. Arabic always right aligned.

There must be a catch somewhere ..


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Using Arabic as the default language and using the right translation files all seem to be working fine. One big issue I faced is with the reports( i.e sales invoice, remittance..etc). The report defaults to right justified fields and there is no way for me to find out how to put it into Center Justified (for example).

I attach an example of a sales invoice where it clearly shows the middle part (Sales Person, Due Date ..etc) as right justified while the English version is centered.

Where to look into this? It seems to me that header2 has no effect on the text placement  if the chosen language is Arabic (RTL).

Appreciate your help.

Hi All,

Its working fine.

Many Thanks..

Thanks @Braath Waate

I will download and test and come back to you.

Hi Guys,

Downloaded the above file and replaced it on my 247 installation the following is observed.:

1. Customer / Supplier names are not showing.. Just numbers 1, 2 ..etc
2. QE names not showing but numbers as well.
3. Misc entries are shown properly.
4. The Funds Transfer is showing correctly.

Yes.. I believe  it should be.



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Thanks @poncho1234

@asad8891.. Did you manage to get it sorted? It should be fairly easy but tricky in certain ways. As ponocho1234 stated you need to review Tax Groups.. also you need to to edit/add your customers and branches to use these tax groups.. One main thing that is very important is these tax types need to belong to  different tax GL Accounts (each is different)... You might need to set these accounts before you create the tax types.

Its doable.. its done before.

Come back if u need further help.

Tested and all OK.


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Yes ..very much possible take a look at:
http://frontaccounting.com/fawiki/index … .TaxSystem

Follow the Canadian Example.

I like this wish list.. It should be very simple.. as its only an attachment to the customer / supplier record.
We always need some documents to do business with cust/sup like Trade license  VAT registration ..etc..
Nice Suggestion Rafael.

Thanks @apmuthu

I guess you are right with the browser font -/+..but we really need to fix the starting font size.. Its minute with English and with Arabic its minuscule. I looked into the default.css and could not decipher where this font size is defined. I meant when one chooses Reports and Analysis (../reporting/reports_main.php?Class=6)



Things seem to be alright...need to do some more testing..your MAX  function seem to work ok to what I was looking for.
Let me test more and will come back to you. From the first impression its amazing how a three code line  changes  can make a huge difference in terms of a user interface/experience.
BTW I dont use QE yet.. so I cant test it.

Thanks Braath

I tried the above and its showing the Misc Bank Fields in the journal Inquiry but its dropping the Customer and Supplier from non Banking transactions (Supplier/Customer Invoices..Payments ..etc).

I tried on both 2.4.4 and 2.4.6 with the same results.


I dont think you answered my query. Is there a reason of why the Counter Party that I inputted is not shown on an (inquiry screen that supposedly does nothing but shows what is stored on the DB).? The info is there.. and Inquiry only asks to display it.. there is no transaction taking place. I hope I am right here..unless proven otherwise..


There are Miscellaneous entries that are mainly Bank Payments/Deposits/Transfers to others than a supplier/customer, things like Bills and expenses.
This information is already entered when we post the entry..yet its not showing when we inquire it.


You can edit the Reference Pattern to whatever you feel suitable by going thru
Setup->Transaction References and changing the pattern for Dimensions.. and others if you like. If you only need a numeric field without the slash then remove the /{YYYY} and you will be left with a numeric pattern.

Hope I understood your question